1-1 coaching + constellations

  • Coaching and therapeutic work on a wide range of personal development themes

  • Working in blocks of 3-5 sessions (coaching session lasts 2 hours)

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Working with organisations

Organisational change and transformation

  • Trained as a facilitator of systemic constellations

  • Over 20 years as a manager and organisational development (OD) specialist in local government, the third and private sector

  • 10 years at senior management level, led different teams through change; back-office services & trading companies

    Wellbeing and resilience

  • An associate member of Wisdom Tree, a team of committed professionals, who support individuals, teams and organisations with resilience skills to thrive in these challenging times

  • Passionate about wellbeing and putting people at the heart of change programmes.

 Leading change programmes

  • Designed and led change programmes, delivered targets on cost reductions and engaged teams through major culture change.

  • People-centred and systemic approaches to change, engagement and growth

Teaching systemic practices

Marcos Marcos teaches systemic techniques and constellation approaches in a variety of learning settings including recent clients:

  • Health Education England's Experienced Trainer Courses for GP's

  • Farnborough College of Technology's 3rd year counselling students.

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Being able to collectively, as a group of directors of a new non-profit, to work with Marcos on a on a day of contemplation and constellation, focusing on the climate emergency project we have embarked on, was a real privilege. This is a luxury you cannot afford to miss. The most valuable insight I received from the event, was how my own work encapsulated the same qualities, as those whom our climate emergency work is targeting to change. Challenging? Yes! Invaluable? Definitely.
— Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA, Director, The Climate Media Coalition
“thank you Marcos for your enlightening and passionate introduction to working with constellations yesterday at Farnborough college.... I truly have begun to see new dimensions to dots that I have joined, maps that have been formed in my inner world and construct of Self and they have begun to take on new qualities in their depths, colour, magnitude, terrain and energy. It’s like putting on 3D glasses for the first time to watch a familiar movie! I look forward to new mapping, perspectives and connections using constellation work.”
— Counselling student, final year, Farnborough College

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