Welcome to Wellspring Change!

Hello, and welcome to Wellspring Change’s 4th year, and welcome also to our refreshed website. I’ve been reflecting on our work, what’s new, as well as our intentions for the future. We’re excited to launch our Landscapes of Change retreat series for leaders and look forward to curating this community of change-makers. Our work is growing with organisations, professional groups (e.g. GP’s and therapists), alongside 1-1 coaching & constellations: a theme through all the work is systemic solutions to complex issues.  Still resonating strongly and central to our name Wellspring Change is our passion for people, for tapping into the wellspring of intelligence that’s ever-present in systems. To the energy of flow, embodied in the element of water, that helps us navigate through the sometimes-scary challenge of new habits, thoughts, patterns. And ‘Change’: many people share they’re facing unprecedented complexity and change. Our commitment is to support this change process, to improve our clients’ resilience, to help insights and solutions that align you more closely to your purpose.


1 on 1 coaching and constellations

Coaching and therapeutic work on a wide range of personal development themes…

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working with organisations

Organisational change and transformation
Leading change programmes
Wellbeing and resilience

Looking at our inner and outer landscape
through the lens of constellations

A conversation between Kirstin Irving and Marcos Frangos at Hazel Hill Wood.

Marcos will run a serious of constellation retreats with Kirstin Irving from ChangeTools in 2019/20



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