Holistic approach

I work holistically, whether with an individual client working on their personal/professional development, or thinking systemically through issues with client organisations. I’m trained as a facilitator of constellations, in which we represent different aspects of a presenting issue, a person or a group of people, or a situation. Together, we explore the system almost like a 3-dimensional map. This often reveals patterns, underlying causes, systemic patterns of relationship from a client’s wider system. And with that understanding and felt experience, my role is helping clients to choose their next steps.


Life Changes

Life and work are continually presenting us with choice-points as we face challenges and opportunities. My coaching and therapeutic work offers fresh insights, more expansive choices, so my clients can move forward with clarity and purpose.

''You know you are in good hands when Marcos is facilitating - there is a palpable sense of being safely held which allows whatever needs to be heard to be welcomed in and witnessed. He offers a disarming combination of sensitivity, warmth & humour with an incisive - get to the heart of the matter - clarity.'' (JS)


Practice areas:

  • Career changes, relationship changes, family issues

  • Self-limiting beliefs and relationship patterns

  • Stepping into parenthood

  • Life purpose, reaching a cross roads

    Re-energising your life

  • Mid-life transitions

I´m experienced in person-centred coaching, and guide you through your personal development work with a unique and in-depth way of listening to what is being said, as well as what is not said.


  • Thinking BIG and the art of the possible

  • Getting unstuck, moving out of depression, moving on

  • Working with the whole person

  • Spotting themes and patterns, and making connections

  • Creating a feeling of safety and authenticity

  • Different approaches for different people

  • Emotionally intelligent, warm rapport, humour, sensitivity and warmth