“ One of those extra-ordinary times when you quickly sink deeply! Your facilitation was exquisite Marcos. I don´t think I have ever worked with someone who conveys such deep compassion and who holds a space quite so beautifully. Gentle spaciousness, acute perception and masterful direction. Thank you from deep within my heart.”
— Workshop Participant 2017
“ As a relatively new organisation with an ambitious mission, we were keen to prepare ourselves as well as possible to navigate the significant challenges we knew we had ahead of us. As a result of our work with Marcos, we learned more about each other as a leadership team, came to better understand the dynamics at play, between us and with the work, and gained powerful insights about what our best next steps might be. These included how we could most effectively direct our individual talents and energies and how we could work productively with our differences as individual leaders. As a result of the constellations work we did, we connected with our vision and mission in a realistic and grounded way. We each came to see the unique contributions we have to make and we developed a strong shared sense of how alignment and synchronisation between us can power our work to deliver the impact we’re seeking. We especially appreciated Marcos’ sensitivity to our work and the deep respect he showed for each of us as people. He struck a beautiful balance between challenging and supporting us, and between providing structure and enabling emergence. It was a real privilege to have this time together and we will undoubtedly be returning to Marcos for support as we continue our journey. “
— Business Client 2018
Being able to collectively, as a group of directors of a new non-profit, to work with Marcos on a on a day of contemplation and constellation, focusing on the climate emergency project we have embarked on, was a real privilege. This is a luxury you cannot afford to miss. The most valuable insight I received from the event, was how my own work encapsulated the same qualities, as those whom our climate emergency work is targeting to change. Challenging? Yes! Invaluable? Definitely.
— Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA, Director, The Climate Media Coalition

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